ShadowCast Audiobooks The Last Church by Lee Pletzers

As a thank you to you the listener, I have recorded the prologue of Lee Pletzers  “The Last Church”.  You will find Lee’s Bio below.
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Lee Pletzers is a writer who is very active in the genre world, online and off. Over 40 short stories have found publication in anthologies and magazines, zines and online.

In September 2009 his first novel, The Last Church, was released by BBS books. Lee is an avid reader and reviews for HarperCollins and Hachette via SFFANZ (Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand). He is a member of AHWA (Australian Horror Writers Association) and a founding member of SpecFicNZ.

Lee has edited 4 anthologies, worked as editor and reviewer for Sinisteria horror magazine, has translated one novel from Japanese to English and edited several novels for small press authors. In 2008 he created the popular social site for horror writers at:

You can find him online at:
His Facebook fan page is located at:


4 thoughts on “ShadowCast Audiobooks The Last Church by Lee Pletzers

  1. I am working my way through The Last Church more slowly than I would like. It really grabs you and doesn’t let go.Hearing part of it read aloud was a great treat. Thanks to Jason Warden, the time and effort you spend on this podcast is much appreciated.


  2. The last church is a great book. I would recommend a similar book for those interested called “The Faith: What Christians Believe, Why They Believe It, and Why It Matters.” In this powerful book, Chuck Colson and Harold Fickett identify the unshakable tenets of the faith that Christians have believed through the centuries truths that offer a ground for faith in uncertain times, hope and joy for those who despair, and reconciliation for a world at war with God and itself.


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