@TiaLBrink A Friend in Need.

She’d never ask, so it falls to one of us to do something I guess. As some of you know our dear editor Tia. L Brink has had a few health problems of late, and has already been in the hospital once in the last month. Well on August 24th she goes back in for a triple bypass and a valve replacement which will keep her in the hospital for 5-7 days, plus a long recovery time afterward.

Tia has been unable to work, except at home, and I can’t imagine how hard it must be to just not be able to do the things you want to do. So I want to start a little something to help her on the road to recovery. She has asked me a couple times about how she could attract or get more editorial work, and honestly I did alot of thinking on it. I think all of us need a good editor, some worse than others, and I can vouch for Tia, she has done amazing things for my writing in the short time we’ve worked together. I think there are several others who feel the same way. So if you have a need, please let her know, her rates are great, (probably too cheap) for what she offers. here is a link to her special offer sheet.

Now if you don’t have a need, but would still like to help out our dear friend. I’ve also started a Get well fund for Tia, and you can see it in the sidebar, (don’t get all mushy Tia). I didn’t set a goal on it, and I’m sure whatever you can give will be very much appreciated.

I thank each of you for taking the time, and of course spreading the word, you are going to click one of my new widgets right? RIGHT? Thank you. Get well Tia.


4 thoughts on “@TiaLBrink A Friend in Need.

  1. Hi Jason
    I wish Tia all the best and hope she gets well soon. She’s an integral part of your set-up, and I for one, appreciate the work she does.
    Unfortunately I can’t chip in at the moment but if circumstances change, then I will do so.


    • She really is, don’t worry about the chip in, I’m sure she would be just as happy knowing you care, Just spread the word. Thanks Neil.


  2. We’ve only just started following each other and getting acquainted on Twitter, but I truly wish you the very best as you go through this procedure.

    Looking forward to talking more to you soon when you have recovered, take care.

    –Stan Tremblay


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