ShadowCast @TiaLBrink Memorial podcast

This is the Jason Warden, and I’ve planned this special memorial podcast to honor our friend Tia Brink. She was our editor here over the last six months, but she was more than that, she was my friend. I will miss her dearly.

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Tia L. Brink

Keith Dugger

Neil Colquhoun

Todd Austin Hunt

Christopher S. Carlson

T. C. Parmelee

Paul Elard Cooley

Starla Huchton

Emma Newman

Tina Dill

Jake Bible

Gracie Motley

Shannon Micheals

Deanna Schrayer

Jon Strother

Feel Free to add your own comments or links to other tributes below.


7 thoughts on “ShadowCast @TiaLBrink Memorial podcast

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  2. I’m sorry I was unable to get a tribute to you for the podcast. I really struggle at times like this to come up with words. Still, I do want to say you’ve done a lovely tribute and I am sure Tia would be deeply touched. Obviously I did not know her on the personal level you did, but she was a real a real joy to know. I know your pain is real, and deep, and will take time to overcome. I also know she wants you to carry on. All my sympathy to to you, her friends, and especially her family. Tia was a wonderful soul. She will be deeply missed.


  3. I join the chorus of those saying, “I didn’t know her very well” but she touched me. That so many of us can honestly say that she made a difference in our lives before we even had the chance to get to really know her is remarkable.

    She was loved. She helped people in many ways big and small, personally and professionally. The world is a better place for her having been here. She will be missed. She will be remembered. What more can anyone ever hope will be said about them when they are gone?

    Jason, she loved and admired many. You were certainly one of those. You, and all of the contributors, did a beautiful job on this memorial. Thank you for sharing this. I’m sure she is embarrassed and also pleased by all the kind words for her and the support that everyone has shown her family and each other.

    Thank you. And, thank you, Tia.


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  5. What a beautiful tribute to an amazing woman. I knew her for a very short time, but she helped me w/a photo for my blog & brought a smile to my face every day (usually while teasing Jason). I was lucky enough to have her edit part of my manuscript. She was brilliant. And even more than that, she cared about what the writer wanted to convey in their piece and where they were going with the story. She took her time to understand and see the big picture before offering sound advice. We are all blessed to have known her, even it was only through tweets & e-mails. My heart & prayers go out to her family. God bless.


  6. This had me in tears. What a lovely tribute. I didn’t really know Tia other than a few comments through blogs and Twitter, but she seemed like such a nice person. It always made me smile to see her tweets and posts online, and even though I never met her I will miss her.


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