Masters Of Horror Podcast Coming Friday

On Friday The ShadowCast Audio Anthology will celebrate its 1st birthday by beginning a journey into complete insanity.
The Masters of Horror: The Anthology is coming, and the stories within will send you scurrying for cover. This anthology is not for the faint-hearted. The ideas, themes, and disturbing images portrayed within these pages will send your brain into overdrive on the road to madness. This book is guaranteed to rob you of sleep at night by bringing you the nightmare you’ve most feared…

We begin with Joseph Mulak’s “Wounds”a story that shows us evil deeds, done for the right reasons.

To celebrate both the anniversary of ShadowCast Audio as well as the beginning of a new chapter, I offer you this: If you donate to the podcast during the Masters of Horror, you will recieve an e-book version of the book in the format of your choice, also you will be entered to win a signed print edition that will be given away as we get further along in the anthology.

Now, there are a few things I would like to accomplish besides bringing you these great stories. In the last few months I have been involved with a great group of writers collectively know on Twitter as #FridayFlash. Each week these talented people spit out great chunks of flash fiction. My former cohort and editor Tia L. Brink got me involved in it and honestly I can hardly live without it now. As a show of appreciation for all the great people who are involved, I will choose a Friday Flash story each week to link to in the hopes that the audience will visit and fall in love with some of these authors who live for nothing more than a comment and a pat on the back.

For you writers out there, if you would like to promote yourselves, I would love to help you do so. I have a space open before and after each episode for opening bumpers and or promos. So grab your microphone and let the listeners know why they should give you a shot.

I’ve gotta be honest, I’m really stoked to get started with this, I hope you are too. I have a lot of horror goodness coming your way, and it will once again be coming weekly. The Masters of Horror Anthology podcast will last until the first week of February, but why wait, use the little button and donate today and get your E-book copy now.

If you’re interested in doing a promo or a bumper just give me a shout via e-mail or twitter –  @ShadowCastAudio


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