ShadowCast Masters of Horror Ep #5

The Masters of Horror: The Anthology

‘Fireflies in the Bushfire’ by Marty Young

Narrated by Kate Sherrod

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Masters of Horror Theme by Chris Carlson






Congratulations to Pamila Payne whose story ‘Keep The Devil Close’ Won last weeks Deathmatch. This weeks Deathmatch contestants are:

Grace Motley with ‘Graveyard Dance’


Deanna Schrayer with ‘Jessie’s Turn’

Promo this week by Nobilis Erotica

I still have two copies of ‘The Best of #FridayFlash Vol 1’ edited by Jon Strother, Donate and you’ll get it and the Masters Of Horror. Also, you will be entered to win a signed print edition that will be given away as we get further along in the anthology.


2 thoughts on “ShadowCast Masters of Horror Ep #5

  1. Oh my gracious! I’ve been so busy working on my novel that I didn’t even know my story, Jessie’s Turn, had been nominated. That’s quite embarrassing – please forgive me. *blush*

    Thank you so much Jason, and thanks to everyone for your kind comments!


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