ShadowCast Masters of Horror Ep #6

The Masters of Horror: The Anthology

‘Cost of Job Security’ by Jennifer Brozek

Narrated by Paul E. Cooley

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Masters of Horror Theme by Chris Carlson






Congratulations to Grace Motley whose story ‘Graveyard Dance’ Won last weeks Deathmatch. This weeks Deathmatch contestants are:

Valerie Valdes with ‘Murder by Chat’


Jax with ‘Freedom’

Promo this week by Paul Elard Cooley

I still have two copies of ‘The Best of #FridayFlash Vol 1’ edited by Jon Strother, Donate and you’ll get it, and the Masters Of Horror. Also, you will be entered to win a signed print edition that will be given away as we get further along in the anthology.


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