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ShadowCast 042 SNM Horror July ‘Control’ by J. C. Hemphill

Shadowcast 041 SNM Horror June ‘Coming into Power by Jeff Parsons

Shadowcast 040 “Caretaker in the Garden of Dreams” by David Tallerman

Shadowcast 039 SNM Horror May ‘Call of the Crows by John Barnes

Shadowcast 038 SNM Horror April ‘Her Indelible Mark’ by Jacob Ruby

Shadowcast 037 SNM Horror Feb/March OverExposed” by Josh Wagner Stitches” by A. J. Madden

Shadowcast 036 NiteBlade Magazine “Shine on” by J.A. Tyler 

 “Dream Spinner” by Robert E. Keller 

“Running Empty in a Land of Decay” by Damien Walters Grintalis

Shadowcast 035 House of Horror’s Story of the Month “Red Roses and Chocolates” by Stephen W. Roberts

Shadowcast 034 SNM Horror Magazine Nothingnessby Draven Ames

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP16 ‘The Fear’ by Mark Edward Hall

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP15 ‘Something Unpleasant’ by Richard Barnes

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP14 ‘Devil Inside’ by William Cook

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP13 ‘Once Seen’ by Jason Warden

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP12 ‘The Clifton House’ by Larry Kokko

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP11 ‘Visitation’ by K. K. (Ken Kupstis)

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP10 ‘Ladies of The Scale’ by Bob L. Morgan

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP09 ‘Teeth’ by Lee Pletzers

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP08 ‘One Day’ by Karen Johnson Mead

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP07 ‘Home Sweet Home’ by Scott M. Goriscak

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP06 ‘Cost of Job Security’ by Jennifer Brozek

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP05 ‘Fireflies in the Bushfire’ by Marty Young

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP04 ‘It’s All In The Cards’ by J.C. Hart

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP03 ‘Truth Hurts’ by Carole Gill

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP02 ‘The Barnes Family Reunion” by Angel McCoy

Shadowcast – Masters of Horror EP01 “Wounds” By Joesph Mulak

Shadowcast 033 “Dead Rabbit” By Mari Mitchell & “The Isolated” By Rachel Lieberman

ShadowCast 032 “Souls and SnowBoarding” By Julian Adorney

ShadowCast 031 “The Traveler” By Phillip E. Carroll

ShadowCast 030 Disgustipated 02

Contest Winner: The Definition of a Line by Todd Austin Hunt

ShadowCast 029 Disgustipated 01

including; Reticulating Evangelist by Keith Dugger and Afraid of Sunlight by Neil Colquhoun

ShadowCast 028 Krav’s Penance by Fred S. Bauers Jr.

ShadowCast 027 In the Bag by Emma Newman

ShadowCast 026 Bad Egg by Chris Bowsman

ShadowCast 025 Deadly Heirloom by Effie Collins

ShadowCast 024 Soulless Vessel by Kimberly Grenfell

ShadowCast 023 Channel Six by Simon Cox

ShadowCast 022 Black lodge by T.H. Davis

ShadowCast 021 Candy’s Mother by C.T. Thieme

ShadowCast Flash #7 Bradley Sands is a Dick by S.T. Gulik

ShadowCast 020 The Voice by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

ShadowCast 019 The Picker’s Harvest by Todd Austin Hunt

ShadowCast 018 Help Wanted by Heather Webb

ShadowCast Flash 6 Quaempts/Fourman

ShadowCast Bonus The Last Church by Lee Pletzers

ShadowCast 017 The Demon by Joe Darnall

ShadowCast 016 Those Below and author interview with Jeremy C. Shipp

ShadowCast 015 Letty by Amanda Borenstadt

ShadowCast 014 Ghost on Black Mountain by Ann Hite

ShadowCast 013 The Man Who Typed too Fast by T.H. Davis

ShadowCast Flash #5 H.P Lovecraft / Linton Robinson

Shadowcast 012 The Collector by D.J. Older

ShadowCast 011 A Tale of Sugar of Lost Peaks By James O. Eternalis

ShadowCast 010 Darkness Comes by Lark Neville

ShadowCast Flash #4

ShadowCast 009 The Cove by Casey Rea-Hunter

ShadowCast 008 Trickery Dances by Lee Pletzers

ShadowCast Flash #3

ShadowCast 007 Sin Earth by Jeremy C. Shipp

ShadowCast 006 The Gateway by Brian Johnpeer

ShadowCast 005 Stage Fright by Pete Malicki

Shadowcast 004 The Old Ones by Jeremy Clymer

ShadowCast Flash #2 An Absence of Light by Judith Kelly Quaempts

ShadowCast 003 Madness in the Blood by Catherine Graham

ShadowCast 002 Angela’s Rising by Kevin Brown

ShadowCast Flash #1 Annabelle by Wayne Scheer

ShadowCast 001 Quell the Voices by Ann Hite

3 thoughts on “Episode Archives

  1. Who do half of these stories, from Quell the voices up, link to an oriental page, not in English? Very disappointing, I was really enjoying your stories.


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