Submission Guidelines


Temporarily closed for submissions. Something Big is coming.


At ShadowCast we want to read your best short stories out loud!

We are seeking original dark fiction for our podcast. Please send stories that are between 500 and 7000 words long. We will consider longer, but the stories must be very strong to warrant the commitment to produce a longer piece. Although we are an audio publication, we will read each piece sent our way.

We will produce the audio version of your story. If you have the capability to create a high-quality MP3 file, then we could publish your story with you as the reader. Audio Quality is a must as well as great reading skills. ShadowCast reserves the right to make final decisions upon production.

Format your subject line like this:

Submission, Last Name, Title

Paste the text of your story within the body of the message (all attachments will be deleted; do not send audio files). A short cover letter is optional.

Very important: Tell us the read-out-loud time of your story and the word count at the top of your message. Include your full name, address, and phone number as well.

For submissions of Art or music, attach your work along with a bio and link to where we can find out more about you.

E-mail your submission to:

We allow simultaneous submissions, but let us know immediately if another publication accepts your story. Please wait until we have responded before sending us another story for consideration.

We try to respond to all submissions within one month. If two months have passed since you sent us a story, feel free to query us about its status (at the submissions address).

Stories submitted may be first run or previously published, but we want to know so we can give appropriate credit where it is due.

At this time we are a non-paying market, In the future we hope to change this. Our plans include an annual audio anthology in which we will select the best stories, as selected by the listeners, for further distribution. No timetable has been set for release.

All Stories are published under a Creative commons license, more information available here:

Thank you for your interest in ShadowCast.
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