Shadow Art

Special thanks To Anthony Hackel for the great header.

Inspired by the story \”In the Bag\”

Candra Hope was kind enough to provide us with this wonderful artwork inspired by the short story “In the Bag” by Emma Newman. You can find more of her work at

Thanks To Zachary Hunt for the artwork displayed on Episode #19 The Picker’s Harvest
New Art from SkullBeast Cthulhu 002 for use with Shadowcast Flash Episode #5

Cthulhu seems appropriate at a time like this

You can find some of my personal art including this Harley Davidson Hitch Cover on the blog.

Harley Davidson Hitch Cover


This came to us by way of Denice King for use with our story Darkness Comes by Lark Neville
This is used by permission of the Artist for use in conjunction with ShadowCast Flash episode #4 Double Issue
Justin Jenkins
Title – “The Animated Perspective of Nocturnal Wanderings”
Category: Art and Photography

When we observe a scene from a distance, we see what we perceive as reality in its physical state. What we find impossible to view with the naked eye is the small particle interactions that make up this physical matter that structures our reality. These molecular and scientific associations create patterns of invisible energy that create many interesting and powerful forces that help nature, humanity, and life on earth in sustaining itself. These mysterious forces, although revealed and explained in certain areas of science to some degree, remain a constant intellectual and curious discussion and debate on how they interact and associate themselves to create physical matter and their relationship with the infinite universe. I have taken this curious and mysterious energy force and attempted to represent this underlying dynamic in my own unique vision and approach. I seek to reveal with x-ray vision the underlying invisible swirling forces that swirl and interact in and around us. – Justin Jenkins

This comes to us all the way from Finland.

Artist Name: Milla Salminen
You can find more of her work at

The EyeStriking isn’t it.

Our latest comes from Greece, “Lena Fx has been in arts since she can remember herself and got pretty much occupied with everything at times, from poetry to decorating. Ended up -still completely amateur- in digital art, photography and music, almost all around horror, occult, dark, macabre, as also seen in this artwork. You may check out more of her work here”

A bit unsettling don't you think

A bit unsettling don’t you think


This little piece was selected to go along with our Halloween episode that will be released next weekend, but once I got it I couldn’t wait to get it up.

Eliza Stein is a freelance illustrator from Queens, NY. Her work has been
published by Nerve, Asphodel Press, and her personal favorite so far,
To see more of it, go to and

by Eliza Stein

by Eliza Stein

This one is used in conjunction with our first foray into the world of HP. Lovecraft and the Mythos Tale “The Old Ones” by Jeremy Clymer, Nebezial allowed us the use of it and the Great old ones are very pleased.

This is the cover of the Eldritch Musicks Cd by Casey Rea-Hunter. You can hear a selected track in the December 24th episode “The Cove”


Shadowcast Eye

5 thoughts on “Shadow Art

  1. Heya it’s me, the artist behind that eye picture. Just thought I’d let you know my dA account is no longer ‘Gaymushroom’, it’s ‘miwx’ these days. I put it in the website box, and well I didnt know where to write about this so if you wouldn’t mind fixing it? 🙂 Thank you


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