ShadowCast 016 Those Below + Jeremy C. Shipp Interview

Those Below + Audio Author Interview

by Jeremy C. Shipp

read by Paul Elard Cooley

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Text removed at author’s request, but you may still listen here

7 thoughts on “ShadowCast 016 Those Below + Jeremy C. Shipp Interview

  1. Stunning. This story’s going to stay with me a long time. Paul E Cooley did an amazing job and that interview was…fascinating. I’ll probably never look at anthropomorphic parsnips the same way again. Another great presentation all around!


  2. Read the story before I realized there was an interview and didn’t have time to listen, but . . . the story is amazing. I walk away thinking about parallels in our own society and it gets you in the gut! Excellent work! I look forward to reading more.


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  4. I was laughing my tail off at that interview. 😀

    Very moving story. I love the use of second person tossed in here and there. Very effective in drawing me in. Touching ending. Three thumbs up. 🙂


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